Dr. Gerald Lieberman – the OG(G) the Original Green Guardian

We are here with Dr. Gerald Lieberman from the State Education and Environment Roundtable, known more commonly as SEER. Dr. Lieberman certainly lives up to that acronym as he has been a true knowledge leader in the environmental literacy space for over 40 years. Dr. Lieberman has been instrumental in the development of California’s most important initiatives around environment-based education (EBE).

As the Director of SEER, Dr. Lieberman developed a strategy for implementing EBE called the EIC Model ™ or Environment as an Integrating Context for learning which focuses on developing localized instructional programs at the school or district level. Dr. Lieberman is a member of the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI). He led the development of the Environmental Principles and Concepts (EP&Cs) as well as the Education and the Environment Initiative Curriculum. He is the author of multiple publications including Closing the Achievement Gap: Using the Environment as an Integrating Context for Learning as well as Education and the Environment:  Creating Standards-Based Programs in Schools and Districts. We are honored and grateful to speak with him today and for him to share a small piece of his knowledge with us. 

Our Environmental Education and Research Manager, Yin Ling Tan, spoke with Dr. Lieberman to learn more about the environmental literacy rollout in California over the last two decades. 

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