COP28: A Milestone for Greening Education

COP28 marks the first global political acknowledgment of the role of education in climate action. 42 Member States endorsed the groundbreaking Declaration on the Common Agenda for Education and Climate Change, committing to integrating education into their national climate strategies.


The 28th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP28), hosted in Dubai, stands out as a historic moment with a focus on the role of education in addressing the global climate crisis. A groundbreaking Declaration on the Common Agenda for Education and Climate Change was endorsed by 42 Member States, marking the first global political recognition of the crucial part education plays in climate solutions. This declaration positions education as the building block for a sustainable future.

The Threefold Commitment: Adapt, Mitigate, and Invest

The climate education declaration sets forth a threefold commitment, urging Member States to take action in key areas: adapt, mitigate, and invest. This commitment outlines a comprehensive path for nations to weave education into their national climate strategies. The emphasis is on developing climate-smart education policies and enhancing financing to construct robust and climate-resilient education systems.

Commitment Area 1: ADAPT

In the first commitment area, countries pledged to identify vulnerabilities and implement national education strategies addressing climate risk. This involves adopting adaptation measures and building resilient education systems. The commitment extends to incorporating education into national adaptation strategies, emphasizing its role in equipping learners with the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to adapt to new climate realities and innovate for a sustainable future.

Commitment Area 2: MITIGATE

The second commitment area focuses on developing comprehensive strategies to build climate-smart and resilient education systems. The goal is to prepare all learners to actively engage in climate mitigation. Countries commit to including education in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and leveraging education to achieve net-zero emissions.

Commitment Area 3: INVEST

The third commitment area underscores the need for strong cross-sectoral collaboration to increase global finance for education. This includes support through climate funds and institutions to promote education recovery and climate adaptation and mitigation measures within education systems. Countries commit to encouraging both domestic and international education financing, addressing existing gaps, and creating systems and learners that are climate-ready. This commitment involves investing in global education funds, partnerships, and innovative financing mechanisms.

Looking Ahead

Declaration on the Common Agenda for Education and Climate Change signals a united front in the face of climate challenges. It is a call for innovative solutions, collaborative efforts, and a substantial increase in investments dedicated to education. However, this commitment must translate into concrete action from all stakeholders. The urgency of the situation demands not just rhetoric but tangible steps towards a sustainable and resilient future, ensuring that the lessons learned today become the tools for a brighter tomorrow.

Read the full declaration.

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