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This week, we wanted to continue the conversation about acting as an environmentally literate citizen by living a greener lifestyle! From shifting to sustainable products to researching local climate issues, there are a million things you can do to transition to a greener lifestyle. To eliminate some of the stress of getting started, we have prepared a checklist that can serve as a guide for your green journey!  

Need some more information before you get started? Visit last week’s blog to read more about the connection between environmental literacy and a green lifestyle. 

For a Greener Home: 

❑ Turn off and unplug appliances such as TVs, lamps, computers, and phones when not in use 

❑ Regularly replace filters in heaters, air conditioning, and dryers 

❑ Curate gardens with native plants and trees 

❑ Create a compost bin and reduce food waste 

❑ Buy non-toxic and plant-based cleaning products 

While we encourage people to use products they are comfortable with, these are some Green Guardians favorites for a greener home: Blueland for non-toxic, plastic free home cleaning products, OhmConnect to save on energy bills and consumption, Native Plants Finder 

For a Greener Lifestyle: 

❑ Buy less – take a minimalist approach to purchases 

❑ Read and share books on climate change and eco-living 

❑ Shop locally for produce and shop second-hand for clothing and décor 

❑ Drive or rent an electric, hybrid, or hydrogen car to reduce CO2 emissions 

❑ Use zero-waste alternatives such as glass strawsreusable cotton rounds, and detergent 

Some Green Guardians favorites for a greener lifestyle: A Better Planet: Forty Big Ideas for a Sustainable FutureClimate Change PodcastsHow to Save a PlanetClimate-Friendly Supermarkets, Loop StoreThrift Books 

For Active Engagement: 

❑ Encourage schools to: 

▫ Switch to solar energy  

Take classes outdoors 

▫ Create green spaces (I.e., gardens, recycling centers) 

▫ Offer plant-based meals 

▫ Ditch single-use plastic 

❑ Join a climate activist group such as Climate Reality and Citizen’s Climate Lobby 

❑ Educate yourself and vote for candidates that have a progressive platform 

❑ Create or join a sustainability/green team at your workplace or in your community 

❑ Discuss green living and climate change with friends and family to encourage action 

Some Green Guardians favorites for active engagement: The Natural Resources Defense Council: Guide to Talking With Kids of All Ages About Climate ChangeClimate Reality Chapters, One Green Planet Petitions 

Relevant Links

How Clean is Your Electric Vehicle? 

Electric cars tend to produce less carbon pollution than gas-powered ones—but just how much less? This tool allows you to see how clean your electric vehicle is compared to those in your local area! 

5 Climate Action Chores for Kids | The Climate Reality Project Blog  

While many kids may not be fully equipped to truly tackle the science and stakes of the climate crisis until they’re a bit older, you can lay a strong foundation for future learning and action by engaging your child in some age-appropriate activities that will instill a sense of environmental responsibility that they will carry with them into adulthood. 

Climate Action  

Established in 2007 and headquartered in London, UK, Climate Action establishes and builds partnerships between business, government, and public bodies to accelerate international sustainable development and advance the ‘green economy’.  

The Climate Reality Project  

The Climate Reality Project has the mission to create a global sense of urgency on climate change and catalyze a planet-wide shift to clean energy to solve it. Founded and chaired by Nobel Laureate and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, they share the truth of climate disruption with communities around the world and empower people everywhere with the knowledge and tools to help create a sustainable future. 


TerraCycle is Eliminating the Idea of Waste®. They develop ways to make things that are typically non-recyclable nationally recyclable such as chewing gum, cigarette butts, and even dirty diapers. They integrate recycled materials into new products and create platforms that move consumers from disposable, single-use packaging to durable, reusable packaging without sacrificing the economics and convenience that make disposable products desirable. 

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