Environmental Literacy and Waste Management

Environmental Literacy and Waste Management

This week, we are excited to highlight classroom materials, experiential learning programs, and other resources surrounding the topic of waste management! Our goal is to advance environmental literacy by sharing tools that will improve student’s understanding of waste management. 

Waste management can be defined as the actions and process of managing waste from its creation to its disposal. It is important to teach students about waste management because:

  • It makes them more aware of their surroundings 
  • They become more conscious consumers 
  • They become aware of our environmental crises 
  • They become confident environmental stewards 

Learn more about waste management and see related lessons, projects, and additional resources on our blog: Green Guardians Blog

Relevant Links

CAELI Community-Based Partner Hub

Lesson Series | My Journey to Zero Waste 

Lesson Series | Bananas About Bananas

Hub Program | Bay Discovery – Save the Bay   

Hub Program | Elkus Ranch Educational Tours – Elkus Ranch    

Hub Program | Schoolyard Cleanup Program – California Coastal Commission   

Hub Program | Trash Academy/ La Academia De Basura – Season 1  

Hub Program | Virtual Learning – Recology Waste Zero    

Hub Program | Watsonville Green Schools Waste Reduction Assistance   

News and Events

Summer Institute for Climate Change Education: Atlanta, Houston, South Florida Cohort
Jul. 28–30, 2021 Climate Generation

Gain the skills, tools, and resources to teach climate change concepts and empower students in all subject areas, and receive ongoing support throughout the year.

California Water Institute for Teachers – Solano
Aug. 04–06, 2021 Water Education Foundation

The Solano Institute provides comprehensive multi-day teacher training for K-12 teachers, focused on Solano County water resources and open spaces. The training will highlight the region’s complex water resources, the importance of open spaces, and first-hand experiential learning opportunities.

Climate High-School Education Teacher Educator Retreat
Aug. 10–13, 2021 Kennebunkport Climate Initiative (KCI)

High school educators will learn how to incorporate climate change education into their curriculum and leave with a plan to put hands-on community-based lessons into action at your school.

A third of Wisconsin’s wolves killed after losing protections this year, study says
Jul. 09, 2021 National Geographic

A hunt killed more than 200 wolves, and poaching may have increased since Endangered Species Act protections ended in January.

Giant Pandas No Longer Endangered Thanks to Conservation Efforts, China Says
Jul. 09, 2021 EcoWatch

Officials announced Wednesday that successful conservation efforts had increased the iconic animals’ population to 1,800, CNN reported. They are now considered “vulnerable.”

OPINION: It’s time to reform India’s environmental education
Jul. 13, 2021 Thomson Reuters Foundation News

In a country heavily at risk from climate change impacts, teachers and students need to understand the threats – and opportunities – better.

Top 7 Smart Cities in the World
Jul. 13, 2021 Earth.org

Smart cities like Singapore, New York, and Seoul have made huge strides in their smart city initiatives and in adopting innovative smart technologies as a way to make their home cities more energy efficient and minimizing carbon emissions.  Here’s how seven cities are doing it.

We read the 495-page Energy Infrastructure Bill: it’s a kick in the gut to climate justice
Jul. 13, 2021 Friends of the Earth

The bill proposes spending 70 times as much on dirty and extractive energy than renewables.

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