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This week, we are excited to share some of the programs available for students and families through the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI) Community-Based Partner Hub (the Hub)! 

This week, we are excited to share some of the programs available for students and families through the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI) Community-Based Partner Hub (the Hub)! 

With a wide array of programs offered throughout the summer, the Hub is a great place to start when looking for environmental summer camps or experiences! Our environmental education community-based partners have programs for students of all ages, and some partners have programs that cater to families as well.

Don’t wait to sign up for your 2021 summer program! Check our blog to see the list of available programs, and visit the Hub to learn more!

Relevant Links

Acterra You(th) Be the Change – Grades 6-8, After school, virtual, school-based, Free 

Durham ferry (SJCOE) Summer Day Camps – Grades 3-8, Day Camp, Fee 

Kern Environmental Education Program Camp KEEP – Grades 5-7, Residential Camp, Fee 

Living Classroom After School/Enrichment – Grades TK-8, Fee 

Marine Science Institute  

MBARI Internship Program – Grades TK, 11, 12, Free 

MEarth Summer Camps – Grades 3-10, Day Camp, Fee 

The Marine Mammal Center Ocean Conservation Leaders – Grades 9-12, After School or Virtual, Fee 

Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District Let’s Go Outdoors – All Grades, Field Trip, Free 

San Francisco Zoo & Gardens Zoo Camp – Grades K-6, Day Camp, Fee 

Seymour Marine Discovery Center Ocean Explorers Summer Camp – Grade N/A, Day Camp, Fee 

News and Events

Climate Leader Series: Youth Climate Action with Manisha Rattu
Jun. 29, 2021 Bay Nature

Join us for a talk on how youth are changing the landscape of environmental justice, with Manisha Rattu of Pittsburg Youth Action!

GLOBE Environmental Science Workshops
Jul. 09-10, 2021 Elkhorn Slough Reserve

This 2-day Secondary Teacher environmental monitoring workshop trains teachers in the GLOBE Program’s hydrosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere (soils), and landcover protocols that may be used to develop inquiry-based lessons and conduct environmental monitoring with students in their local environment.

Climate Change Education Research Conference
Jul. 12, 2021 The Climate Change Education Research Network

This is a free event for all educators and researchers to share findings from the world of climate research and consider how to translate these into classroom practice.

Opinion: After bracing for the worst during pandemic schooling, we found hope and value in outdoor learning June. 21, 2021, The Hechinger Report

Karen Cowe of Ten Strands and Craig Strang of UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science on the benefits outdoor learning provided during the pandemic and its potential as a permanent solution.

As Climate Warms, a Rearrangement of World’s Plant Life Looms
Jun. 17, 2021 e360

Previous periods of rapid warming millions of years ago drastically altered plants and forests on Earth. Now, scientists see the beginnings of a more sudden, disruptive rearrangement of the world’s flora — a trend that will intensify if greenhouse gas emissions are not reined in.

In Scotland, the rewilding movement looks to the past to plan its future
Jun. 21, 2021

Scotland, host of the COP26 climate summit this November, is the site of an ambitious rewilding project with a centuries-long timeline for restoring the forests that once blanketed the now-familiar landscape of barren moors.

New report shows why fighting climate change and nature loss must be interlinked
Jun. 21, 2021 World Economic Forum

A new report shows the importance of addressing nature loss as part of the fight against climate change. ‘Nature-based Solutions’ offer a way forward.

Coal Miners Go on Strike and Fox News Goes Silent
Jun. 22, 2021 Gizmodo

Fox’s failure to cover a coal miner strike shows they care about coal bosses, not coal workers.

‘Upcycling’ promises to turn food waste into your next meal
Jun. 22, 2021 The Conversation

How would you like to dig into a “recycled” snack? Or take a swig of juice with “reprocessed” ingredients made from other food byproducts.

What Do People Really Know and Want to Know About Plastic & Health?
Jun. 23, 2021

Plastic is the human health crisis no one is talking about. It causes long-lasting and irreversible harm at every step of its production.

Why ‘tiny forests’ are popping up in big cities
Jun. 23, 2021 National Geographic

Community forests the size of a basketball court can make an outsized difference, providing shade, attracting plants and animals, and even storing a bit of carbon.

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