Going Out to Sea with Marine Science Institute

This week, we wanted to take the time to highlight Marine Science Institute, a partner on the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI) Community-Based Partner Hub. 

“Marine Science Institute is a safe space for students to have hands-on access, get curious, and have their questions answered!”

Jodi Stewart, Land Program Manager, Marine Science Institute

This week, we wanted to take the time to highlight Marine Science Institute, a partner on the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI) Community-Based Partner Hub

Marine Science Institute is a nonprofit that was started in 1970 in Redwood City, CA with the mission to get people outside and to have hands-on access to the San Francisco Bay. Their flagship program, The Discovery Voyage, takes students out to the water on their vessel, allowing them to come in contact with live animals, use science equipment, and ask questions!

We are excited to share the interview we had with Jodi Stewart, Land Program Manager at Marine Science Institute (MSI). She has over 10 years of experience working in Environmental Education and eight years with the Marine Science Institute.

Her current role involves overseeing all land-based and online programs. Land-based programs include field trips to MSI, field trips to the coast, and in-school visits. She is the collaborative representative for local community partnerships and is the lead for NGSS documentation. 

Check out the video below!

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Relevant Links 

CAELI Community Based Partner Hub | Marine Science Institute 

Check out the Marine Science Institute on the California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI) Community-Based Partner Hub hosted by Ten Strands and CAELI, and powered by Green Guardians. The Hub links the K–12 school system with environmental education community-based partners and promotes environmental literacy work across California.

Marine Science Institute 

The Marine Science Institute provides engaging and interactive hands-on adventures with San Francisco Bay Area marine life. Led by a team of expert marine science educators, these experiences impact students of all ages, inspiring respect, and stewardship for the marine environment.  

Academy @ Home for Pod Groups | Marine Science Institute 

Each session students will spend their time learning about Marine Science.   
This program is designed for learning pod groups and is brought to the home/site of that group. Students will observe live animals found in San Francisco Bay and Northern California Coastal habitats each day. Students will learn marine science concepts through hands-on activities that further their understanding of the Scientific Method. 

In Person Group Programs | Marine Science Institute 

The Marine Science Institute provides a scientific experience built on California standards-based activities and a memorable voyage into nature for students of all economic backgrounds. The Marine Science Institute puts students in physical contact with the SF Bay and coast environments to help cultivate their natural sense of curiosity, enrich their understanding of science, and foster a responsibility to protect the environment. 

Online Group Programs | Marine Science Institute 

Marine Science Institute is here to support teachers and parents by offering engaging, online group lessons that bring science to life! MSI Online Inland Voyages are interactive, inquiry-based programs taught by expert marine science educators, bringing the wonder of local marine habitats of the San Francisco Bay and Northern California Coasts directly to your students. Exploration is done completely remote, using footage from the MSI aquarium and in the field, Google Slides, Nearpod, and Zoom. Teachers may also select the virtual meeting platform if desired. 

In Person Classes | Marine Science Insitute 

Afternoon Ecology: This “afterschool” educational program is designed to foster the natural curiosity of young minds. Students learn about local habitats around San Francisco Bay while working in a team with their peers. This program has a variety of themes that can be taken either as a series or independently. Themes include Bay Area Habitats, Marine Science Exploration, and Bay vs. Ocean Animals. 

Online Classes | Marine Science Institute 

Drop In, Daily, or Once-A-Week classes available to engage and educate your Jr. marine biologist! 

Make a Donation | Marine Science Institute 

Your investment in Marine Science Institute helps educate more than 60,000 people of all ages each year in marine science and environment stewardship through our School Programs, Family Events, Marine Science Camps, and Coastal Clean-Up Days. 

Public Events | Marine Science Institute 

Find and register for upcoming events at the Marine Science Institute.

California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI) 

CAELI, led by Ten Strands, works statewide with guidance from a leadership council to create systems change in support of environmental literacy with a focus on access, equity, and cultural relevance for all students. 

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Take Action Against Invasive Species! webinar
Jun. 10, 2021 Nimbus Fish Hatchery

Find out what an invasive species is and how to fight back against their spread.

Outdoor Learning Case Study: Park Day School
May 18, 2021 Ten Strands

Karen Cowe, Ten Strands’ CEO, and Linda Livers, Ten Strands’ consultant, interviewed three staff members of the Park Day School in Oakland, California: Angela Taylor, head of school; Jennifer Cooper, facilities manager; and Josie Shapiro, director of admissions.

Combating carbon emissions with soil microbes
May 20, 2021 EHN

A new study highlights the relationship between seasonal climate variability and soil microbial communities.

SDGs: Greater urgency needed to meet environmental goals, improved data likely key
May 22, 2021 UN News

Countries are on track to miss the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relating to environmental protection, two UN entities warn in a new report issued on Saturday to coincide with the International Day for Biological Diversity.

Pressure builds for schools to put climate change study on curriculum
May 26, 2021 Reuters

MIDDLE EAST – International bodies and pressure groups are calling for climate change studies to become a standard part of the school curriculum worldwide, saying the step is vital to reach targets on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

In California, extreme heat and ozone pollution hit poor communities hardest
May 26, 2021 National Geographic

A new study identifies places in the state where the climate-intensified health risks are linked.

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May 27, 2021 World Economic Forum

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International Energy Agency Unveils Ambitious Roadmap to Net Zero Emissions By 2050
May 27, 2021 Earth.org

In a new report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that to achieve net-zero emissions, all new investments in fossil fuel projects must be ended. It calls for the rapid adoption of renewable energy and a research and development program to develop future technologies.

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