A Look at Week 1-3 Interviews

A Look at Week 1-3 Interviews

This week, we wanted to take a look back at our previous interviews we have had with environmental education knowledge leaders and revisit the need for equitable access to environmental literacy tools.

We spoke with Dr. Gerald Lieberman, Director of SEER, about the environmental literacy movement in California. We interviewed Craig Strang, Associate Director of the UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science, about environmental justice and designing at the margins. Lastly, we spoke with Isha Clarke, youth activist with Youth vs. Apocalypse, about activism and environmental justice.

The main topic we wanted to revisit is environmental literacy and equitable access for all students. In order for our community to have an impact on the environment around us, we need to start educating students on culturally and environmentally relevant topics, as well as on actionable tasks that can be taken beyond the classroom. One of the main challenges that educators face when implementing environmental literacy is equitable access to resources, programs, and relevant lessons. This issue is especially prevalent in low-income and underrepresented communities.  

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Watch the interview highlights below:

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