Pilot Feedback Analysis | BAB Lesson Series

Pilot Feedback Analysis | BAB Lesson Series

Over the month of May, we piloted the Bananas About Bananas K-1 lesson series in 5 school districts across California and gathered feedback on the quality, accessibility, and relevancy for teachers and students. We’re excited to share some of the feedback we gathered from teachers.

Missed last week’s bulletin introducing the lesson series? Check it out here!

Some of our key takeaways from the pilot were:

  • Teachers are excited about environmental literacy lessons
  • Teachers prefer short lessons that can be broken up into smaller segments
  • Teachers prefer to teach environmental literacy in-person
  • Environmental literacy lessons need to be designed so they are accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds
  • Teachers want content that is engaging and relevant to students

Learn more about the feedback we received through the initial Bananas About Bananas lesson series pilot in today’s article! Read the article here.

Let us know what lesson materials you value the most and what you’d like to see included in curriculum units and lesson series: Contact us today!

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Bananas About Bananas Lesson Series

For Kindergarten and Grade 1 students. Through readings, activities, and discussions, students trace the journey of a banana from farm to home and beyond, consider its environmental impact, and envision a greener journey.

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