National Oceans Month, Climate Change and Our Oceans, and Summer Pilot!

To raise awareness about the key role the oceans play in our lives, the United Nations designated June 8 as International World Oceans Day. As of 2022, the U.S. has proclaimed June as National Oceans Month. This week we look at ways we can promote interest in and sustainability of our oceans.

Only One Earth, Climate Action, and Environmental Justice Lesson Series!

World Environment Day focuses on transformative actions on a global scale to protect and preserve our planet. This week we look at individual and collective efforts to reduce our impact on Earth and feature a few high-quality resources that you could use in your classroom.

Endangered Species Day, Biodiversity, and New Lesson Series!

There are over two million known species of animals on Earth. But, as of 2022, a total of 41,415 species are endangered and 16,306 are threatened with extinction. This week we focus on the importance of biodiversity and feature a few high-quality resources that you can use in your classroom.